2008 Peter Glenn Award

OfficeMax’s “A Day Made Better” is one of the largest, single-day cause marketing events ever. On October 2, 2007 at 10:00 a.m., more than 4,000 OfficeMax associates, joined by media, school administrators and children, surprised teachers across the United States with $1,200 worth of classroom supplies, a cart and a new chair.

The campaign raised more than $1 million dollars for Adopt-A-Classroom and generated more than $2.4 million in positive publicity exposure for OfficeMax. OfficeMax also integrated its title sponsorship of the “Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds” concert tour with its teacher cause campaign to raise awareness and drive campaign contributions.

A Day Made Better

Bob Thacker, Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Advertising (OfficeMax)
Carolynn Brooks, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion (OfficeMax)
William Bonner, Senior Director, External Relations (OfficeMax)
James Epstein-Reeves, Director, Community Affairs (OfficeMax)
Sunnie Niklaus, Manager, Marketing Events (OfficeMax)
Jennifer Rook, Manager, Public Relations (OfficeMax)
Kevin Ludden, Public Relations Campaign Specialist (OfficeMax)
Julie Carlson, Public Relations Coordinator (OfficeMax)
Matt Kruse, Community Affairs Analyst (OfficeMax)