RAC 2007 Winners

The Best of the Best Award is Back!

Once again this year, RAMA presented the Best of the Best Award, honoring one winner for exemplary efforts regardless of category, entry section or sales volume. Thank you for your help during the Racie Awards Gala by voting live for this year's Best of the Best! BEST OF THE BEST WINNER
The 12 Minutes of Christmas
Agency: Bernstein-Rein Advertising

Hugh Broder, Senior Director-Integrated Production, Wal-Mart
Andy Johnson, Broadcast Producer, Wal-Mart
Arlo Oviatt, SVP, Exec. Creative Director, Bernstein-Rein
Kirk Kirkpatrick, SVP, Creative Director, Bernstein-Rein
Tyler Hattery, Writer, Bernstein-Rein
Chris Corley, Writer, Bernstein-Rein
Dave Thornhill, Art Director, Bernstein-Rein
Matt Stegman, Art Director, Bernstein-Rein
John Pace, Sr. Producer, Bernstein-Rein
Mark Tribble, Account Director, Bernstein-Rein
Rick Hill, Account Supervisor, Bernstein-Rein
Jason Reitman, Director, Tate Films