Rama Buzz - Chit Chat Archives

Manny Palomo

Who do you work for and what do you do? Best Buy. I’m on the Latino Initiative team and I’m the director of strategic marketing and communication. We have a very integrated team and one of the few at Best Buy with direct connections to our retail field partners. It’s a challenging and exciting position I’m still growing into to but loving every minute.

What was your first job? I’ll assume you aren’t interested in my waiter job at Frisch’s Big Boy in high school. Although I learned a lot about people working the post bar rush on the weekends. My first “real” job was working for Sears as a copywriter back in the day in the Sears Tower. I learned tons and to this day still have great friends from that experience. Oh yeah, I also met my current wife there.

What internet site do you surf to the most? Facebook, hands down. Can’t go a day without it. It has reconnected me and keeps me connected to people. And that my friends, is the power of the internet.

Name 3 things you think will become obsolete in ten years.

Great question. Everyone talks about the downward spiral of the newspaper. Although I hope it doesn’t ring true, it seems to be the dead man walking. I’m sure Blu Ray will be gone since I just switched over my DVDs and was just relenting about our precious family VHS movies from the ever popular Disney vault. Thanks a lot Walt. And Sony. The third thing that will be obsolete in a decade….traditional photo albums. Sad but true. Think about the last time you actually made photo prints people. It takes true effort. The photo albums will be relics we drag out of our closet and bore our technological elitist grandchildren with. And Istill haven’t finished my 11 year old’s baby book yet either. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning?

Will I ever get around to reading a newspaper or printing out a photo today.

If you owned a CB radio what would your "handle" be?

Really. A CB radio? Who’s reading these interviews, Smokey and the Bandit fans who haven’t discovered the internet? I think you should ask what famous person would be your avatar. I think Bugs Bunny. Only not when he’s in drag.

What magazine(s) do you subscribe to?

Sad, but I don’t subscribe to any magazines. I get them all for free from my media buyer friends. Although I am a fan of Armchair General or Cat Fancy. And really, not just for the pictorials.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

No parking from here to corner. Constantly feeling I’m on borrowed space.

What is one technology that you can’t live without?

Can’t live without my smartphone. I will drive back home if I forget it. How else will I continue to randomly butt dial my current wife without this modern piece of communication. What is one technology that you could do without? My wife’s laptop. She’s the most cursed person when it comes to technology and I’m the heir apparent Geek Squad agent.

What can you always be found with?

A smile and precious amount of sarcasm I’m willing to unleash on the unexpecting. Kathy Doyle Thomas

What do you do?

Among other things, I am a mother, basketball coach, cook and Executive Vice President of Half Price Books, a 108 bookstore chain based in Dallas, Texas. I am very involved in all areas of the company, but my first love is Marketing. I am also the 1st Vice Chairman of the RAMA Board of Directors.

How long have you been in your position at Half Price Books?

I have been with Half Price Books for 20 years. I started out as the Marketing Director, but my job has grown as the company has grown. I am now Executive Vice President and am involved in all facets of the company, both retail and wholesale.

What was your first job?

My first retail job was with the old Sanger Harris department store. I started working part time around the holidays. My task was to gift wrap boxes of perfume. We would line up the red colored, wrapped boxes on the counter to entice the customers into buying the perfect last minute holiday gift.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning?

When the alarm goes off, I am usually thinking about my kids and getting them off to school.

What internet site do you surf to the most?

The site I visit most frequently is American Airlines. I am usually booking a flight to somewhere in the country, changing a flight or checking to see if my flight is on time.

If you had a "theme song" that played whenever you walk into a room full of people, what would it be?

‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor

What can you always be found with?

My blackberry and a glass of iced tea

Name 3 things you think will become obsolete in ten years.

Landline phone Printed newspaper DVDs, CDs (bonus) Watches, my kids do not own one, they just use their phone

Describe your past week as a type of landscape or a weather forecast.

The week started out partly sunny across the country. By Tuesday, the West Coast experienced an earthquake causing major disruptions in the Bay area. On Wednesday, an unexpected snowstorm hit the Midwest causing havoc in major cities. A true Texas tornado hit the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex on Thursday. Damages are still being assessed. By Friday, the weather had improved throughout the country and the weekend forecast was for sunny skies with mild temperatures. However, the forecast for the following week shows a tropical storm brewing off the Eastern Coast.

What is your concept of a fruitful day?

Catch an early morning flight to one of our markets. Arrive home in time to pick up the chips and dips for my son’s team party. Cheer the football team on to victory. Welcome the 20 kids and their parents to my home after the game. Check my emails and find out nothing has blown up while I was out of the office. Read a few chapters of my new favorite book. Turn out the lights and get some much needed rest.